2. Ethics

Ethics of Educational Foundation of Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University


This statement of ethics is intended to express practices that staff of Educational Foundation of Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University are expected to uphold in the conduct of their work and in their personal behavior so that the university will retain the trust of the public and continue to be recognized for the vital role it plays.


Fulfilling the purpose of the university by undertaking the missions of its schools and other organizations shall be the basis upon which university staff go about their daily activities.

(1) The purpose of the university

The purpose of the university is, in accordance with the Private Schools Act as well as the Basic Act on Education and School Education Act, to establish educational facilities and to educate creative and highly humane people who will contribute to the welfare of humanity and the advance of culture through the provision of teaching with an international outlook, research, and high-quality medical practice.

(2) Missions of schools and other university organizations

To educate high-quality medical practitioners who will serve the community in the future through the teaching, research, and practice of medicine, pharmacology, and nursing. Also, starting with junior and senior high school education, to foster the next generation of leaders who are equipped with excellent language skills and an international outlook and are able to play a role on the global stage.

(3) Vision

1. Our aim is to be a leading university that covers the full range of medical fields and engages in a new generation of healthcare, education, and research practice that links and merges the fields of medicine, pharmacology, and nursing.
2. As an educator providing integrated junior and senior high school education, we seek to provide secondary education with a view to fostering global leaders.
3. As both a central hospital trusted by its community and a specialist facility delivering advanced medical care, we seek to be a leading medical institution that is open and patient-focused.
4. To fulfill the purpose of the university, we will strive to undertake the missions of our schools and other organizations, and to contribute to and coexist with our local community.


Our staff will take pride in working for the university and will comply with the laws and expectations of society, our own rules, and other such obligations.

Respect for people

Our staff shall respect the character, rights, and privacy of other staff, students, their guardians, patients, suppliers, and all other stakeholders associated with the university, and not engage in harassment or other forms of discriminatory speech or action.

Contribution to society

By engaging in teaching, research, and healthcare, our staff shall work with the local community and with industry, academia, and government to make the contribution to society that is expected of the university.

Ensuring fairness in education

Ensure fairness in entrant selection and in the teaching, assessment, and conferring of qualifications for students.

Compliance with research ethics

When engaging in research, staff shall help to maintain and improve people’s health by complying with the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association, the code of conduct for scientists issued by the Science Council of Japan, and other such ethics guidelines.

Compliance with medical ethics

In addition to the above, medical treatment provided by affiliated institutions shall comply with such guidelines as the code of medical practice and professional ethics guidelines for doctors issued by the Japan Medical Association, the code of nursing practice issued by the Japanese Nursing Association, the code of ethics for pharmacists issued by the Japan Pharmaceutical Association, and should be based on an attitude not only of providing whole-patient care to those in need but also of helping to encourage the people of Japan to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Appropriate use of grants and other public funding

Make appropriate use of grants and other public funding from national and local government agencies based on an understanding that this money is derived from taxation.

Conflicts of interest

In addition to identifying and appropriately managing conflicts of interest when engaged in collaborations between industry, academia, and government, staff participating in such activities shall also strive to prevent conflict-of-interest problems from arising.

Protection of assets

Staff shall take appropriate steps to protect the assets of the university, including tangible and intellectual property assets and confidential information.

Dealing with counterparties

Staff shall attempt to ensure fair, open, and free competition in its dealings with other businesses, and not engage in practices that abuse their position and are detrimental to the university.

Conduct regarding business entertainment and the exchange of gifts

Staff shall not accept gifts or entertainment from organizations that have dealings with the university.

Distinguish between personal and professional

Staff shall distinguish between personal and professional matters, and shall go about their work with integrity and honesty in accordance with workplace rules and other rules put in place by the university.

Dealing with antisocial behavior

Staff shall adopt a resolute attitude toward and avoid any relationships with organizations or individuals that are a threat to public order.

Protection of the environment

Staff shall pay attention to environmental problems and strive to conserve energy and other resources, minimize waste, encourage recycling, and similar.

Workplace safety and environment

Staff shall seek to make the workplace environment healthy, safe, and efficient by striving to prevent workplace accidents and improve health and safety.

Information handling

Documents or other information that needs to remain confidential, including personal information, shall be subject to strict management to ensure that information acquired through the university’s activities is not released or used for other purposes.

Ensuring the fairness of recording and reporting

The utmost attention shall be paid to ensuring that activities, especially accounting, are undertaken in an honest, transparent, and appropriate manner to prevent the recording of false information, the making of false claims either inside or outside the university, and the inappropriate concealment of facts.

On termination of employment

On termination of employment due to retirement or other reason, staff shall return all property belonging to the university or that otherwise needs to be returned, and also documents or other information records, including information specific to the university. Furthermore, former staff shall not divulge or otherwise make use of any operational, commercial, or technical information that they acquired while employed. Use of academic information, however, is permitted provided this use is not harmful to the university.

Relationships with government employees

Staff shall not offer entertainment, gifts, or other items of monetary value to government employees or those acting on behalf of government agencies.

Partially modified in 2016
Partially revised in 2012
Approved in 2011